CoolpStore Furniture Accessories

In Coolp Store you will find furniture accessories made of high quality materials, such as porcelain, zamak metal, wood, glass, wicker etc. The style of the products is mostly Vintage/Farmhouse and Boho.

We choose only items made in Turkey to provide you with good products at a reasonable price.

The great majority of them is made of porcelain and zamak. Why porcelain and not ceramic? Well, porcelain seems to be more durable than ceramic, it's slightly heavier and absorbs less water than ceramic products.

What is "zamak"?
Zamak originates from the initials of the four components Z-zinc + A-Aluminum + MA-Magnesium + K-copper. This alloy is characterized by high hardness and resistance.
Choosing zamak also means relying on an environmentally friendly material.

All items will be boxed safely and with care, along with the necessary hardware. Check out our FAQ section for more info. You can message us if you have any further questions.

Wish you pleasant shopping,
Coolp Team.

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